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Mentorship Program- How We Can Help

Updated: Aug 4

For several people, I act as somewhat of a financial coach. My specialty is helping a person change their attitude and behavior in the way they handle money and debt.

People think that finances are all about numbers but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

Finances are more about realizing your goals, getting your emotions in check, building self-discipline to stick with a budget, and creating extra sources of income to help you reach those goals.

I Can't Control You

As your mentor, I focus on teaching you money management skills, helping you with accountability, and helping to strengthen your emotional health toward reaching your goals.

I've been asked about investing by people who barely had a thousand dollars to their name. Listen, you will never get to the point of investing money if you are not able to manage and save money. First things first.

Part of managing money is learning self-discipline when it comes to your spending habits. It will be extremely hard to build a good financial profile if you are unable to control your spending habits.

The main reason we need to save money is to have something to fall back on if hard times or emergencies come our way. There are several other reasons such as saving for retirement, starting our own business, or investing.

There are 7 basic principles of prosperity we need to keep in mind. All of the principles are important, but saving money is one of the most important things you can do with your finances.

The Bible says in Proverbs 7:12, " is a defense..." The word defense means shelter. This is where the idea of an emergency fund comes from. If you have bills to pay, children to take care of, or a business to run, an emergency fund is imperative and can serve as a shelter should something devastating happen. We don't look for negative things to happen but we live in a world where you need to be prepared.

Emergencies are not financial emergencies when you're prepared!

Saved money is a shelter for your finances. I cannot express enough that you NEED an emergency fund!

Stop viewing money as something you spend. Savings are much more important.

Money is a tool that you can use to create financial freedom, but not if you spend it. We need to unlearn that money is something you spend.

We also need to stop viewing credit as something you use to obtain things you want. That's what cash is for.

Credit is for the purpose of creating a good, credit-worthy name. Americans do not use credit properly. They use it to fulfill the lust of their eyes and this creates debt. God's will is that you have peace, not debt.

I despise debt because not only does it tear families apart, it removes the peace from a person's life.

Prosperity begins in the heart and transformation must take place in the mind. You can’t change your money habits until you change your thought patterns.

Your thought patterns concerning money strongly affect the way you use it.

I would like to teach you how to see things from a different perspective so that you can learn to manage what you have, grow what you have, and save your increase.

Stop window shopping, stop looking at all the things you want online, and start putting that 'spending money' away in a savings account.

As your mentor, or financial coach (whichever you prefer), my main goal is to help you change your attitude and behavior. Changing these two things will greatly help not only your income but also your use of debt.

My Business History

At fifteen, I started a service-based business. I eventually protected myself with an LLC and hired two pay-rolled employees.

I had to learn the ins and outs of business on my own. I had very little guidance from others and made many mistakes because of this.

By the time I was in my mid-twenties, I'd built my way up to make quite a bit of money. Not learning about finances was my biggest downfall.

Now, thirty-three years later I can see where I was missing a key element in running my own business. The main thing I didn't understand back then was that money management skills are imperative to running your own business.

The hardest part of being self-employed is that there is no one there to catch you if you fall.

Hard times are harder when you don't have a regular paycheck coming in or an emergency fund in place. Having money in the bank is a crucial part of creating financial freedom.

I've made it a life goal to help others in need. My mentorship program is simple and easy. It begins with this form.

The best part is it's FREE.

You can also send an email or text me today. I will get you started on the right path and answer any questions you may have.

Valerie Clay is here to help!

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